October 15, 2012

junction flea

A few weeks ago fella and I were looking for adventure
and he randomly suggested we head to the Junction
since we hadn't been there in a dogs age.
So off we went.
And much to our delight we discovered

A monthly flea/antique market that is stationed in a parking lot on Dundas West.

We were cynical at first because we are now old hands at wheeling and dealing at antique markets, auctions and estate sales.

Cynicism be damned!
We found some great finds!

New York World's Fair 1964-65 tray

I loved this lamp
but it was kind of expensive
so I walked away.
Fella was looking at records
so I lurked around, waiting to show him the lamp.
I circulated the market
and found my way back. 
I admired it from afar. 
I asked the guy if he would give me a better deal on the price.
He was asking $75. 
He said he'd dropped the price from $125
and that 6 other people were interested
(Sure. Where were they? I wondered?)
he said I could have it for $65 because I was polite.

I went away
and came back
and kept checking
and took all that weird lurking behaviour to mean that it had to be mine.
So now it is.
I'm not sure where it will go.
But I love it. Especially the shade. 

Federal Glass Circus bowl.
I'd sworn off buying any more bowls
but I have one like this with the tiger pattern.
There are four in the set and now I have two.
I guess I can break my vow to complete my set.
How could I not?
(talked the guy down from $15)

I think the last one of the season is coming up in the next week or so but it's definitely worth the trip to the junction.
And make sure you barter. The vendors expect it and I noticed that a lot of people were just paying sticker prices. (I guess they just didn't know any better.)
It's a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
(Just don't go hungry because the food is ridiculously expensive.)

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