October 23, 2012

hometown glory

When we were in Nova Scotia,
we went to Dartmouth, my hometown, to see my Dad's old house and to see some of the sites where I grew up.

You may not have ever heard of Dartmouth.
And that's because it's a suburb of Halifax
and well, it's not really famous for anything.
Fella maintains that it is the teen pregnancy capital of Canada
but I don't believe it.

Regardless, it's not really a destination.
It has some interesting history
but really, people go to the east coast and go to Halifax and Peggy's Cove
not Dartmouth.

We stopped into a cafe in the long dead downtown
 and it was packed and had a great vibe.
It's called 'Two if By Sea"
(I showed you photos of the croissants...mmmm)

They had a poster on the wall that caught my eye-

and this one less so...

Seeing these items was so weird.

People usually scoff when they say Dartmouth
like it's nothing special
and perhaps
worth a little embarrassment.

Shame or no, it's where I grew up
and have no doubt
I wanted out for as long as I can remember
but I was kind of tickled to see these posters and t-shirts.

Unfortunately, the posters are sold out.
But I think I'll send them an email
telling them of my hometown pride
and hope they take pity on me
for living in 

If you harbour a secret love for Dartmouth,
you can find these beauties here.

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