October 12, 2012

do guys "get" girls?

I recently finished HBO's Girls.
Have you seen it?

It's brilliant.
Totally cringeworthy, yes,
but also a total flashback for me to the types of things
that I did when I was that age.
Hannah's relationship with Adam was torturous for me to watch.
I dated a guy in my early 20's and I was so enamored of him that I was afraid to get to know him.
Or rather, afraid to let him know me for fear that I wasn't worthy of his attention.
My relationship didn't go the way of Hannah and Adam's
but it went on for longer than it should have
and had I not left my hometown when I did
I am loathe to think of how far it would have gone.

I don't think that guys would "get" this show.
Women sometimes don't make a lot of sense, even, or especially, to themselves.
So it's hard to imagine that guys would understand the motivation behind why these girls do what they do.
The show doesn't explain any of it - it just follows them along the whole bumpy ride.
So I think, in the end,  Girls is for girls.

Anyway - this show was brutally honest and raw and mortifying at times.
And I can't wait for season two.

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