September 28, 2012

wait no longer

Mumford & Sons has a new album out and I finally got a listen this morning on my way to work.

Banjo. It's a knee-slapper of an instrument. How can you not love banjo?
Good keyboards too.

That lead singers crazy voice. It's not really that crazy - it's just....robust. I love it.

A couple of the songs are misses for me but I've only given it one listen so maybe I'm being too judgey.

Combo plus and minus?

Some of the songs start out sounding all the same but then they change direction. It's like they right themselves.
It's that banjo again - it has a rhythm that is repeated throughout a lot of the tunes.

I haven't figured out any of the lyrics yet
Usually it's the last thing I notice. Sometimes I never pick them up at all.
I'm a sound girl. Not a lyrics girl.
Which is kind of weird because I read so much and love language - right?
I'm a bit of a contradiction, it would seem.

Anyway - it's a fun album so far. I think I got through 10 songs on my way to work. The one in the video above was the single they released a few months ago and it's super fun. It sounds like their first album (which for me is a good thing.)

It's a winner for me.
I really like this band and was excited about hearing their new album because I loved (but grew weary of) their first.

They kind of take me back to my Maritimer days where we used to drink draft and jump up and down a lot.
Good times.

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