September 27, 2012

rebel yell

Change of season usually inspires other kinds of changes.
New clothes
new shoes
new lipstick!

one of the things I love about MAC is their recycling program.
You save up 6 containers and take them in to a store
and you get a free lipstick.
Some of the MAC stores (not the Bay stores) 
allow you to choose other products as well.
But I always go for lipstick,
Because I'm, well, a lipstick addict.

Truth is out,

Last Thursday I had some time to kill so I took my empties to MAC and told a pretty guy wearing far too much foundation that I wanted something new.

I told him what I wear
and what I wanted
and he picked out some colours for me to try.
I actually sat in a chair and he lined my lips and filled them in with colour.
It's a strange thing.
As he worked, I thought - this is such an intimate act with someone I may never see again.
I could smell cigarettes on his hands
and normally I might find this disgusting
but for some reason, I didn't.
It was something I learned about him
that I wouldn't normally know.

But here's what I chose:

MAC Rebel lipstick

After I left the store I went to another store and the woman at the cash register looked at me and said
"I love your lipstick"

It was a nice suprise - to get a comment and be able to say 
"thanks. I bought it half an hour ago!"

Little things = big impact.
I didn't actually buy the laquer and lipglass, yet!

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