September 15, 2012

orange you glad I didn't say banana?

When we were kids
my brother was a bit of a joker and someone gave him a book of knock knock jokes.
He either got it for his birthday one summer
(his birthday is in August)
or someone gave it to him as a treat for his summer vacation.

It wasn't really a treat for the rest of us
who were badgered with
"Knock Knock!"
ad nauseum for the entire stay at the cottage and every summer that followed.

I think that book is still at the cottage
and I can honestly say
I haven't heard a knock knock joke in a dog's age.

That little story has nothing to do with what this post is about. 
I was just trying to come up with a title 
and I remembered the punch line of that long forgotten knock knock joke.

So there's no relevance.
It's a tie-in of sorts.

The point is,
I've wanted an orange purse for about two years now.
I am very fussy about purses.
I think it's because I, like many people, have a hard time finding clothes that fit just so.
I'm not a little person by any stretch and I'm tall-ish
so it can be tricky.

I also have big feet so I can't take solace in buying shoes to make myself feel better
 (really expensive and hard to find. Shoe shopping is work for me. )

So that leaves accessories.

My motto?

Accessories always fit.

My desire for an orange purse began years ago when I was at the airport.
I don't even remember where I was going
I just remember that I saw this woman who was carrying an orange hobo bag, leather, and beautiful.
I even tried to figure out what brand it was.
I'm pretty sure it was Furla
and it was from seasons gone by.
Disappointment reigned
(I also acknowledged that I probably could not have afforded it.)

So each fall, I've kept my eyes open for a similar bag.

And this year - 
bingo to ya.

It's from Banana Republic.

It was $185.

Which made me pause.

Because while I'm a bit of a purse snob 
(I don't really care about labels but it must be leather 
and I love a single strap and it needs to have a certain shape.)
It was a lot to spend on a purse. 

So I waited.

And this week, 
the waiting paid off.

Banana Republic has sales on Wednesdays
40% off regular priced merchandise in store
so I went last Wednesday
but the store I went to didn't have the bag.

This week they had the 40% off
online and in-store
so I ordered that sucker 
and because it was over $50 the shipping was free
and, get this,
it arrived on Thursday.

Saved $74. Not bad.
And the best part? 
I love it.
And the other best part?

I can stop looking for an orange purse
and move on to the next obsession.

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