September 04, 2012

of things to come

While it's true that I don't have any good reasons for my recent absenteeism,
it's also true that I have been busy.
I've had some great
and not so great

Here are the highlights, to be expanded on in future posts.

1. The cursed SI joint. We have two of them. Last winter, I threw out the one on the right. How? By wheeling empty garbage bins from the sidewalk to the garage. This is not a physically daunting task. But that's all it took.

This time?

I have no idea. But the result was even worse than the first time.
Last time it caused the muscles in my leg and quad to seize up, forcing me to limp everywhere.
This time it was my lower back. I couldn't stand up straight. Or sit for long periods of time. And it would wake me up in the middle of the night. Sometimes in tears.
I couldn't lift anything.
I couldn't do any gardening.
I couldn't go grocery shopping.
For some - this would seem like a vacation.
For me?

And if that's not bad enough - it went on for 3 weeks. This is a normal healing time.
 I wish I could tell you what to do to avoid this injury but it seems completely random. Now back problems are for me, a big problem.
I get massages regularly and visit my chiropractor once a month.
But that is maintenance.
This was real pain.

But I learned something. And that I will share with you soon.

2. Fella and I gave up sugar. Not all sugar - but sweets, really. Oh and I gave up sugar in my coffee. That is, surprisingly, the hardest part for me. It's been a month. And it's been pretty successful.
More on that later.

3. I went to a cottage. Or should I say "cottage". My cottage, growing up, was a cabin on the ocean (can't beat that) but it had no running water or electricity. It was great when I was a kid. As an adult? I like showering so....not so much.
This place was incredible. Wait til you see!

4. I've read a few books. Some goodies. Don't worry, I'll tell you all about them.

I'm sure there is more but those are the biggies.
Hey - maybe the hiatus wasn't such a bad thing.
I'm feeling kind of inspired.
Ready to take on the world
(maybe it's because I'm not hunched over anymore and can actually get up out of a chair now without doing weird contortions. Whatever.)

Or maybe because it's September.

And even if you're not heading back to school, there's something about September that feels like a fresh start.

A change of season.

And an excuse to buy new stationary supplies.

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