September 11, 2012

if i had a million dollars...

I haven't done one of these posts in a long, long time.
I'd kind of forgotten about them truth be told.

So I've decided to dream big. 
And big means diamonds.

These are all from the Birks vintage collection, 
which is really my cup of tea what with my love of old stuff and all.

Here we go~


Art Deco style


Aren't they gorgeous?

And this one is my favorite just for it's description.
It's a minaude, which is a little case that held rouge and lipstick. 
I guess they would have attached the little chain to a button hole or belt loop to keep it close.
"Please note that Minaude is a french word for a funny face expression related to the way ladies shape their lips into a heart when applying lipsstick"
(Too bad they misspelled lipstick.).


A girl can dream!
And she should - don't you think?

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