September 17, 2012


On Saturday night,
around 9 pm
at the gas station down the street
a guy drove up and filled his tank.
 Jayesh Prajapati was working that night.
He must have looked up and saw
the guy get in his car
and attempt to drive off.

What possessed him to do what he did next, 
I can't be sure.
But he did what he did
and it led to this -
he ran in front of the car
and it caught him
and dragged him down the street.

There are skid marks all over the road.

When I saw where his body finally separated from the car
I said - 

that's far

and I said -

I hope he was unconscious

because it's horrifying.

The driver, Max Tutiven,
took off.
He probably drove by my house.
And left Jayesh there to die
which he did, later in the hospital.

There was a vigil tonight.
By the telephone pole where he laid.
Candles and flowers and tv crews galore.

I heard how nice he was
how he wished people luck with their lottery tickets
how people used to go in to the store just to say hello because he was so friendly.

And all of the trite, meaningless things people say came to mind.
a senseless crime
a waste
a tragedy

and I thought - 
this man's life was worth so much more than $112.85.

I know we are often only affected by crimes like this when they are close to home.
And this was. 
I bought gas at that gas station Saturday afternoon.

It was senseless
and horrible
and if you'll pardon my sharp tongue
(or typing, as it were)
I hope they catch that mo-fo
and nail him to the wall.