August 15, 2012

bust it

Last week I went shopping at Anthropologie with a girlfriend
and it was really, really fun.

I usually shop for clothes alone
because it is often painful 
and I find it easier to close myself 
into a small room
and get through it as quickly as possible.

But my friend is not like that.
She tries things on
and parades around in front of the mirror like she's on 
America's Top Model.
And best of all
she bursts into dance moves,
regardless of who is in her midst.

It's good for me to be around people who are like this.
Because I mostly try to not draw attention to myself.
But you can't help but love her
because she's having so much fun.

After vowing silently to myself
that I wasn't going to buy anything
I found myself pulling items off the rack
and loading up a room.

I broke my solemn vow.
But I'm glad I did.

Want to see?

I loved it so much I bought it in two colours.

$29.95 each

My friend actually wore this to our house earlier this summer
and I loved it on her.
She encouraged me to share the love.


No regrets.

It almost makes me want to bust a move.

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