July 16, 2012

recommended listening: sigur ros - valtari

"i really can’t remember why we started this record, i no longer know what we were trying to do back then. i do know session after session went pear-shaped, we lost focus and almost gave up...did give up for a while. but then something happened and form started to emerge, and now i can honestly say that it’s the only sigur rós record i have listened to for pleasure in my own house after we’ve finished it." - georg

you should listen to it too 
(on vinyl, if possible Vinyl takes the rush out of it somehow).
It's beautiful.

I recommend listening it to it with headphones, laying on the floor and staring at the ceiling so your brain has nowhere else to go. 
But that's just my opinion.

this isn't really a video - it's just the only one I could find that didn't start with a mayonnaise ad in front of it.
sigur ros and mayonnaise don't go together.
I don't know who the moody dude in the photo is.

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