July 10, 2012

books, lately

Oh hello.
Did you think I'd given up on the blogosphere?
Well, I did for a little while.
My brain was full and I was unable to make space for anything else
so I opted out for a little while.
I am currently on vacation and while I'm moving at a slower pace
it's also been an opportunity to catch up a little and well, breathe.

I've been reading a ton lately.
Nothing overly difficult 
(because it is summer and really, who needs anything to be difficult when they are on vacation? 
No one, that's who).

So here's a wrap up of what's been in front of my eyes for the past month or so.

The last one I mentioned was Valley of the Dolls.

It was great. 
Terrible and offensive at times, but mostly great.
Bad in a good way.

The movie? 
I cannot stress how terrible it was. 
All of the character development was completely axed so you didn't really feel anything for any of them or even understand why they were friends. 
Not worth the effort. 
Fella gave up partway through and went to bed. I stuck it out. 
Those are minutes I will never get back....

Moving on...

Up next - 

J. Courtney Sullivan

I like J. Courtney Sullivan. 
I don't know why she uses the J in her name when I suspect that people call her Courtney
but that's kind of irrelevant isn't it?

I read her last book "Commencement" and quite enjoyed it as well. 
I believe I compared it to full fat yogurt.
It was satisfying.

Well, I didn't have the same reaction to Maine
but I very much enjoyed it. 

Loved the characters and the dynamics between them.
Loved how the chapters were written from their perspective
there wasn't just one narrator.

Don't let the cover fool you, it would be a great beach read
but there's more to it than the sand between your toes.
Made me miss our family cottage in Nova Scotia. Big time.

Then we had

Catching Fire
Suzanne Collins

You can't go wrong with these books.
It's a great story and you can't put them down.
I loved it so much I bought the third and final, Mockingjay for my vacation.
I'm working on it now.

And for a little heartbreak:

Thirteen Reasons Why
by Jay Asher

Oh Jay Asher. 
you got it so right.
Kids are cruel.
But so are adults.
And that's why I think adults should read this book,
even though it's written for young adults.
Because we should all be reminded that our actions affect others
and that our intentions may not always be true.

This book is about Hannah Baker. 
A teenage girl who committed suicide
and left behind audio tapes
for specific people to listen to
thus learning how they all played a part in her death.
Brutal. But very, very good.

And yes, another one:

Ready Player One
Ernest Cline

If you like adventure
If you like video games
If you like obscure references to the 80's
then this is the book for you.

Even if you don't like any of those things
you may not "get" the book as much as a computer geek
but it is a wild ride.

The world is in the dumpster.
Economic, ecologic, you name it - the world is in crisis.
Poverty reigns
and people not only escape, but essentially live in virtual reality.
A Steve Jobs-like computer mastermind dies and leave behind an "easter egg" hidden in the virtual universe he and his company created.
Whoever finds this egg will be rewarded by inheriting a vast fortune.
So a teenage boy sets out to win the game
and his adventures catch you up and take you along.
And not to spoil anything but
it has a great ending.

So that's the reading list for June!

I'm now working on "Mockingjay" the last Hunger Games book
and then who knows what else.

Happy reading!
(it's good to be back.)

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