July 19, 2012

be my guest

We don't get a lot of visitors.
Especially ones who stay the night.
So I'm a little excited (and a little nervous)
because we have two couples coming to visit
2 weeks in a row!

There is good news and bad news when it comes to our "guest room"
Whether the news is good or bad, depends on the recipient of the news.

So here we go.

1. Our guest room is in the basement.
As I mentioned, some may think this is a plus and some may disagree.
The good thing about the basement is that the guests have privacy.
Their own bathroom!
Even a kitchen!

The not so goods -
It's kind of dark down there.
It's totally messy (which will hopefully be rectified this weekend)
the kitty litter is in the bathroom.
Did I mention it's messy? And full of all of the stuff we didn't want to put in the rest of the house?
Oh and our attempts at buying a mattress for the antiqu bedframe we bought was a total bust so the guests get, you guessed it, an inflatable bed.

Now I've been put up on many an inflatable bed and they aren't too bad
but still and all.
It's an inflatable bed.

So I looked for inspiration on the interweb and here are a few images that caught my fancy:

Doesn't look like a basement, does it?

Neither does this....

Nope. That's an above ground window I see there...

But here's what I learned:

If you can't have a bright, fresh room
for your friends and families
go with the next best thing.


nice linens
comfy pillows
good reading lights
fluffy towels

little touches

That make them feel welcome.

And tell them that they can always crash on the couch
if the airbed deflates.

all images linked through pinterest

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