June 12, 2012

thirteen reasons why

I read about this book on Daily Candy.

I find they usually have good recommendations for books and movies
and sometimes I even follow through and read/watch them.

I'm glad I did.

This book falls under the category of "young adult" but I that's never stopped me before so I figured - why stop now?

This book is about a teenage girl who has committed suicide.
She has recorded audio tapes and sent them to people she knew
people who had some impact on her life - an impact that drove her to kill herself.

By now you're probably thinking - this book is totally depressing. Why would I listen to you? It's summer! Bring on the happy!
Well - it isn't depressing.
It's really, really good.
And it isn't about teenagers so much, because I know lots of adults who act the same way the characters in the book do.

It's about being aware of the affect our actions and behaviour have on other people.
And how kindness should be a part of our daily routine.
And that we all should listen a lot more than we do.

It's also written as a "thriller" so the pacing, whodunit feel keeps you up past your bedtime
because you want to see what happens next.
Who the next tape is for.

So I urge you to buy it.
Just don't miss your subway stop while you're reading it.

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