June 13, 2012

night light

Sometimes my fella has great foresight.
He can see something
that others think is junk
and see how it can be
something beautiful.

This works in tandem with his love for bidding on things at auctions
that no one else wants.
glass shades

Some of these things have come to great purpose.

are sitting in our basement.

But let's see what brilliance he came up with with the third item on the list.

Glass shades.

A box of them.


On the weekend, he got busy stripping some copper wire he had and strung them up.


This one hangs from the apple tree.

We also hung some mason jar lights from the pine and apple tree
as well as the ugly telephone pole at the end of the yard.

And now it really feels like an outdoor room.

 This one is hanging from a wire that runs across the yard - it's quite high so we need a ladder to reach it, but it's like a chandelier suspended from the sky...

I'm so in love with our yard this summer.
It's finally getting tamed
and of course there's still lots to do
but I'm so happy with what we've done so far.
Sometimes I just sit and admire it.
And feel peaceful.

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