May 31, 2012

uh-oh - Chapters sale

Me and books.
We're like lemons and limes.

I got an email from Chapters
advertising their buy 3 get 1 free sale.

Here are some of the ones I'm considering
(because summer is coming and my book consumption
usually goes WAY up in the summer.
Except for last summer when I read  Drood and it took me forever.
Not the norm, that.)

Here we go:

because I need some funny.

because I need to find out what happens

because the covers are lovely
and I like books about the aristrocracy
and they sound really good

because it sounds like a real tear jerker.
And reading a sad book while sitting in your garden with lemonade and sunshine makes the crying ok.

I know I listed 6
so I'm going to have to choose
(or go for 8!)

If you like this deal, get into a store by Sunday
because after that,
it's four for four.

(still refusing to call it Indigo.)

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