May 07, 2012

P'tit Train du Nord

Fella and I waffled a bit on what to do on our summer vacation.
I knew I didn't want to sit in the car for days on end (been there, done that)
and we didn't want to spend a huge amount of $$ (ditto)

So where did that leave us?

He saw an article in the Globe and Mail on Thursday about the P'tit Train du Nord.
It's a trail that runs through the Laurentians in Quebec.
It used to be a railroad but now it's a path.

It's 200 kms long.

They have these great packages where you start at one end of the trail
and you can either take a shuttle to the top and work your way back down
or start at the bottom and work your way up
(and then take a shuttle back down.)

The best part?
There are inns and towns along the way
so when you buy the package
they put you up and handle the shuttling.

Here's the deal:

they shuttle you to the top
when you arrive, you hop on your bike and start making your way south
they take your luggage to the first stop -
which is where you spend the night
in a lovely little inn
(It also includes dinner.)
The next day, you get up, have breakfast (also included)
and get back on your bike and ride
and they, again, shuttle your bag to the next inn.
You do this for three nights
biking in between.
Breakfast and dinner are included every night
and all you have to do is get from one inn to the next
(It averages about 50 kms per day.)
All for the low price of about $400 per person (taxes in!)

Not bad.

It sounded like the perfect holiday to me.
Now I'm just praying for good weather,
good wine
and strong legs
(and butt.)


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