May 02, 2012


I got my Luxe Box this week.
To be honest, I've been thinking of cancelling my membership.
I've found the samples a little disappointing lately.
There have been a lot of shampoo samples
(for coloured hair. I don't colour my hair. 
Which I told them in my profile when I filled it out.)

And a lot of perfume samples
(I've been wearing the same perfume for over a decade.
Not the same bottle - just the same brand.)

And a lot of odd brands that I've never heard of.
The shine has worn off the penny.

But there was one sample this round
that hit the jackpot.


I dont have a lot of luck with the pale pink nail colours.
I guess it's because I'm pale
and they end up looking too white or bleached out on my nails.
There's no contrast.

When I first saw this colour, I saw that it has glitter in it
and I thought.
I'm 41.
Aren't I too old for glitter?

No, as it turns out, I'm not.
I put on one coat
and love it!
It's not super glittery at all.
I resisted a second coat because it's usually with the second coat that the colour goes terribly wrong.
The great part about this is that it's so easy and quick to do.
I'm not great at nail maintnenance.
I usually end up making a mess of it somehow
but this colour is much more forgiving of flaws
and it woulld take no time at all to redo.
So thumbs up to Luxe Box on this one
but I still think that the subscription is no longer worth it to me.

$12 a month for shampoo and perfume samples that I end up giving away
does not a good deal make.

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