May 01, 2012

Meet Poppy

A couple of years ago, fella started encouraging me to shop for a new bike.
The bike I was riding is about 16 years old.
It's a Raleigh Mountain bike that I bought when I went back to university.
It was $300
resistant to the elements

and now, at my current age, a bitch to ride.
 I curse that bike regularly.
It's not fun
but it gets me around
sort of.

We started looking last week.
I felt like Goldilocks.
Some were too small
some had not the right amount of speeds
some weren't the right colour.
Some were made in China and felt like they were.

And then,
I found her.

This is Poppy.

She's a Pashley.

If you don't know Pashley bikes
they are a British company who have been making bikes since the 1920's.
They are solid
and comfortable
and have high end components
(Brooks saddle, internal gears, drum brakes)
They also make 3 frame sizes which is great
for those of us who are over 5"5
and are women.
She was even on sale because she was from last year.

(The other colour was Pepto Bismol pink.
It was hilarious.
Fella was glad I didn't buy the pink.)

I love this bike.
I got her on Saturday
and when I woke up on Sunday morning,
my first thoughts were of her.

I know.
I'm a crazy bike lady
but she is a joy to ride.
We rode around for hours on the weekend and I had nary an ache or pain.

Worth every penny.

(and yes - I know I'm not supposed to be spending my $$ these days but this was the right thing to do. This is the bike for me.)

I have to give a shout out to the two bike stores that gave fantastic service -

Bikes on Wheels in Kensington Market
(I felt bad that I didn't buy a bike from them. Nothing they had was quite right but a guy named John helped us and he was great.)
(where I bought the bike)
Eric was our helper and he was great too. Really funny and incredibly knowledgeable.
That guy is committed to bikes in an almost scary way....

Sometimes it's only when you get something really great
that you realize that what you've had all along has been really, really crappy.

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