April 11, 2012

Self-Imposed Spending Strike

I was kind of inspired this morning when I read Jenny's post
about her self-imposed spending freeze.

I think it might be time for me to give this a go.

I've been in kind of a dark place lately
and my bad old habits of soothing my savage breast
with retail "therapy" have been my go-to coping mechanism.

The good thing?
Most of the stuff I've bought has been a bargain -
big sales, big savings
but it's still a bad habit
and frankly,
I don't need anymore clothes.
I don't need anymore anything.
And considering that I sometimes feel fluttery panic in my chest at all the "stuff" I own,
I think it's a healthy choice to opt out of acquiring more.

I know it's not the beginning of the month
but my spending freeze starts here and now.

No more
nail polish
(I really do have a huge stack to get through.)
(i only have one set of feet)


It's already making me feel jittery.
Like coming down off a sugar high.

But sometimes you have to go cold turkey
and I think this is just the thing
with which
to do just that.

See you May 10!
(well - I'll see you before then, but you know, the update will be May 10.)


Shannon said...

This would be impossible for me!
I know I couldn't do it!

Actually, big spending trip coming up! Shop till we drop at Florida outlet malls! I've been saving myself!

Jane's Next Door said...

I keep telling myself - it's only 4 weeks. it's only 4 weeks. I guess I'm hoping for a transformation. If you saw my closets, you might agree that I'm doing the right thing! :)