April 17, 2012

post haste tree departure

When we moved into our house
there were two ugly trees in front of the living room windows.

Those trees haven't gotten any prettier
so we decided that enough was enough
and they were coming down.


 ghastly, unruly things.
I mean, really. Look at them!

ugly from every angle.

I don't think the cats were in full support of this decision
but we knew it was the right thing to do.

Here's the After:
Admittedly, it looks a little bare there now
but we'll get something else planted to "spruce" it up a little.

I felt totally relieved once they were gone.

I really hated those trees.

(The kill)

I'm thinking maybe one of these:
It's a flowering almond shrub.
The blossoms are glorious.

We'll see.
As I keep saying,
it's all an experiment!

1 comment:

Tonia B. said...

When I moved into my house I had to remove a lot of over grown landscape that really should not have been planted where they planted it, but oh well. Looks good and I'm sure you'll make they right choice for something new.