April 25, 2012

key lime mickey

When we were in Florida,
we saw a lot of
"World's Best Key Lime Pie!"

The claim was debatable.
We tried a couple
one was more like an ice cream cake
one was, well, not very fresh
and one was well,
kind of forgettable because I don't even remember where we had it.

Fella's parents are coming to visit in June
and we plan to have a big bbq while they are here
so the menu has already been decided.

We're heading south.

Pulled pork sandwiches
baked beans
potato salad

and for dessert?
Key lime pie.

Now I realize that not everyone likes key lime pie
so there will be other options, of course
but it all fits in.

I did a very little bit of research
and discovered that there really isn't much to making key lime pie
(so I don't really get the competition for world's best.)

It has very few ingredients
and very little time in the oven
and the most complex parts are the lime squeezing and making the crust.
Oh and chilling it for a really long time in the fridge.
(That doesn't require any skill. Just a cold fridge.)

So here's what I got:

and just for fun,
it reminded us of mickey mouse with the plates.
(Yes, sometimes silliness is a necessary component.)

It was really tasty
really easy
you can make it the day before you serve it
(you kind of have to since it needs to cool.)

I used this recipe
and from now on it's the only one I will use.
(I didn't use key limes - just regular mexican limes. I think it took about 6 or 7. I bought 8 and had one left over for gin and tonics,
which I thought was excellent planning.)

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