April 11, 2012

The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman

I remember I once picked up this book and read a few pages of the first chapter and thought,
this is really good.

I want to read this book.
And hey!
Looky here!
It was shortlisted for the Giller Prize!

But then I put it down and thought - I'll wait on it.
I have a million books to read.

But last weekend in the city's best BMV, I found a copy for $4.99 and gleefully snatched it and made it my own.

It's a funny book.
It's more like a bunch of short stories
but each has a thread that links it to the others.

Some stories are better than others.
And some are really, really good.

Like "Global Warming Good For Ice Creams - Herman Cohen"

I was reading it on my way to work this morning and I had to go back to turn down the corner of the chapter.
To remember it.
To not lose it.
So I could easily revisit it.
It's such a lovely story about kind of unlovely characters.

Not just that - I've underlined passages.
In pen.

I thought to myself - this one is a keeper.
I'm not lending this one out to anyone.
I often lend out books without caring if I get them back.
Even if I enjoy them - I like to pass them on.
 I like knowing that others will benefit from my purchase.

But this one.
This one I'll keep for myself.
It's kind of a treasure.

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Shannon said...

i am reading it now!