April 30, 2012

green giant

i decided to try my hand at growing some plants from seeds this year.
I don't think I've done it since I was a kid
(do you remember growing grass in a can when you were in elementary school? They had labels with faces on them that we coloured and everyone called their grass-can-head Harry. 
Endless funniness when you're 5.)
but packets of seeds are only a couple of dollars so I figured the investments was minimal
which made it worth a try.

Of course, I only looked up how to start plants from seeds after I had already planted them, 
quickly realizing that the likelihood of my success was, well, let's just say, my chances were not good.
(they said to start them in moist paper towel and then transplant them once they've started. I just threw them all in pots with dirt and water. )

I planted them two weeks ago.
I also had bought some basil and was trying to keep it alive long enough indoors until it got warm and I could transplant it outside.
The basil is hanging on.

I put them upstairs in a south facing window, thinking they'd get lots of light there
(since I read that you need to get seedlings lots of light. 
They suggest those plant light thingies. 
I don't have one of those and I'm not buying one. 
That was my word.)

Well, I forgot to water them over the weekend so I thought I should tonight.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?


green in every pot!



I was growing stuff!

Like I said, the basil is not exactly... excelling
but it's holding on.

I just wish it would warm up so I could get it outside.

What did I plant, you may wonder?

Well let me tell you -
I planted:
french lavender
which I am hoping to put on the corner of our little patio out back. 
I picture myself relaxing with a book and catching a whiff in the breeze.

(which I generally don't have much luck with so was hoping for better with the seeds.)

more basil.

I read somewhere that basil doesn't regenerate so once you cut it, that's the end of that stem.
And that you should have basil at three different stages so you have it all summer.

I have no idea, really, but I figured 
what's another little pack of seeds?

$1.49 to be exact.

Here's hoping tonight's watering didn't drown them!

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