April 04, 2012

Foursome by Jane Fallon

Sometimes you need some light reading.
But it's nice when that light reading is still kind of intelligent
and isn't all about shoes.

Last weekend fella and I went to BMV, a great store in Toronto that sells both used and remaindered books.
(the one at Yonge and Eglinton is the best, by the by.)
I found four.

One of them was this one:

(sorry for the crappy photo. I really need to stop doing this.)

I've read some of Jane Fallon's other books
and I usually go to them when I'm in the kind of "state of mind" I'm in these days.
Kind of stressed.
Feeling kind of trapped.
Feeling a little angry and hopeless
(I know - I'm a downer. Why do you think I haven't been posting?)

But this book is hitting the spot.
I can totally relate to the main character
and the predicament she's in.
It's funny, and easy to read
and it makes me smile a little bit
which I really need these days.
It makes my subway ride go far too quickly.
I want to stay put and keep reading
(although that may be more about where I'm going, truth be told.)

For those of you in a good state of mind - I still think it's a good pick.
She usually has a theme/hint of infidelity in her stories
but there is humour too
so it balances out.

I also just noticed yesterday that she's Ricky Gervais' partner
who I kind of love
at least from his "The Office" days.
So that made me like her even more.

Pick it up if you need a distraction.
And I suggest you go to the BMV at Yonge and Eglinton if you're in Toronto.
It's only $7.99.

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Shannon said...

Ohh I will keep this in mind!
I have 19 more books to read before June 26!