April 30, 2012

eavesdropping on the subway

Sometimes you just can't help but hear....

Woman (talking to to two other women who appeared to be work friends): My son and I were going to Florida and we got stopped at customs. The guard asked us what our relationship was and I said "he's my son".
The customs guard looked down at my son and asked "Is this true?"
My son replied "weeeeeellll not really. She's just a woman who told me to tell people that she's my mother!"

At this point I pulled out my iPod so I could start writing the conversation down.
I didn't want to forget it.
Also at this point, the train stopped and about 20 people got on so I couldn't hear what the guard said in response to the little boy.
I just heard the woman saying repeatedly "He was 5! He was 5 and that is what he said! All on his own!"

She said they got through the gate somehow but sadly, I didn't hear the rest of the story.
Meanwhile, a very freaky girl sat down next to me and started reading what I was typing over my shoulder. She wasn't even being subtle about it.
I thought of writing expletives to get her to stop but finally I just put the iPod away with hopes that she would bugger off.

The nerve of some people. Didn't she know her nosiness was interfering with mine?


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