March 26, 2012

weekend recap

This weekend I was feeling a little like the weather ~
(wait - scratch that last one)

I wasn't at my best
( I was out a little past my bedtime on Friday night and I had a few too many cocktails)
so I did what every girl should do in that situation -
embrace some of the seven deadly sins:


I watched this:

(I watched, like, all of it. It's that good.)

This guy?
Yes, please.

And I read a little of this:

(no - I'm not 14 but it's a great story!)

And on Sunday, when I was feeling better,
we headed out to Queen St. East
where there are some great record shops and I found this:

My favorite New Order album - Low Life


Overall it was a pretty good weekend
considering it started out a little rough.

Lessons learned?

I'm not as young as I used to be and I can't drink as much as I used to
(especially on an empty stomach.)

Baby showers that take place a jazz clubs are way cooler than ones that involve tea sandwiches and stupid games with bows and paper plates

Everything old is new again.

Happy Monday!

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