March 15, 2012

twist it out

Again with the Friends with Benefits.

I know.

But how great is this skirt?

So great that you can't get it anymore.

James Perse
$135 - Sold out.

I wouldn't ordinarily think that I could wear something like this.

I understand that there are limitations
when it comes to me trying to be like Mila Kunis.
I'm not that deluded.

But yesterday I was at good ol' Joe Fresh
and found this weird, twisty, stretchy skirt
and I thought to myself,
What the hell is this?

and then I inspected it further and thought

I tried it on and BAM!

Like the skirt above, the stretchy fabric creates all sorts of folds to cover your not-so-Mila flaws.
It will be great for the spring and summer
and it is super comfortable.
The one I found is also longer than the one above
which is better for me.

I can't find a photo and honestly, it looks awful on the hanger so there's no point in me trying to photograph it.
But if you see it in the store and think it's crap,
give it a try before you judge.

You may find it's a winner.

Joe Fresh Skirt

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Minted Magazine said...

James Perse always has such great pieces...that skirt is so great for little petite girls like me! Helps with the stubby legs haha.

Minted Magazine