March 05, 2012

Trip Notes ~ Daytona

Daytona was one of the highlights of our trip for me.
The beach was spectacular.

The water was cold at first but you got used to it.

Our hotel was right on the beach.
It was nothing fancy, but it was clean and the location couldn't be beat. 

We stayed at the Atlantic Ocean Palm Inn

Oh and did I mention affordable? 
Yes, it's that too.
And the staff are really nice.
One woman gave us a great recommendation for dinner
and the next day I'd realized that I'd forgotten to print off tickets for something and the woman working at the desk allowed me to email it to her and she printed them off for me.
So great.

Being that close to the beach is fantastic.

Unfortunately, we only booked one night because we were heading south 
but we were able to take advantage of some of the highlights.

An early morning swim.

A drive on the beach! 
(Sure it cost $5 and you can't exceed 10 miles per hour
but it was pretty cool.)

There is also a great breakfast place across the road from the hotel.

The apple fritters are amazing.
A must.

I didn't take any photos of the Daytona Speedway because I was driving and also because it's enormous.
I would go back to Daytona in a heartbeat.
I would stay at that hotel.
Hang out on that beach.
All of it.

It's a beautiful spot.

Next: What goes up must come down.

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