March 08, 2012

"this cake is a hate crime"

I don't have cable.Or a smartphone.
So sometimes I don't find out about things until they are
old news.

Yesterday "The Hairpin" posted about The Can-Opener Cookbook and mentioned Sandra Lee.

Now I find the Hairpin pretty hilarious
so I had to look her up.
I am, today, grateful for youtube.

Have you seen this?
I have so many questions -
how do you get a cooking show when you don't actually cook anything?
Is use of the word "flaring" really accurate or correct when explaining how you're tarting up your frosting?
Does this woman look like this because of all of the chemicals she ingests from eating so many packaged foods?
Why are those candles so big?

This cake is up there with the numerous jello desserts that populated the 70's.

If you find this as funny as I do, then you should look up her French Pork Chops.
And make sure you read the comments because the guy who said:

"I'm pretty sure that heaven doesn't smell like cream of potato soup" had me in stitches.

**Update: I stand corrected. She isn't saying "flaring" she's saying "flavouring" which makes more sense, obviously.
It still doesn't explain the Kwanzaa cake, though. Seriously.

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