March 07, 2012


I was on my way to the chiropractor this week and I overheard some amusing little quips.

The first was on the subway.

There were two young guys travelling together. 
One was carrying a bag from GNC, clearly chock-ful of supplements and other goodies.
His friend asked how much weight he was hoping to gain.
"ten lbs in 4 weeks" he replied.

"you won't be able to keep it on," the friend replied
"Water weight. water weight."

Vitamin boy tried to explain how he was going to pack on the pounds 
but everytime he introduced a new point, his buddy said
"water weight."

I went back to my book
but zeroed in again when they started up about drinking.
Friend #1 was trying to convince Vitamin boy to go out with him for St. Patrick's Day.

Here's my transcript of their conversation:

"I'm not Irish"
"Everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's day!"
"I'm Portufake"
"I'm faux-teguese"
"Well you should come."
"I'm not really into drinking. You lose a day or two from just one night of drinking."
"It's one day! Just one day!"
"Christmas is one day. My birthday is one day"
"You know what else is one day?"
"Every day of the year!"

I almost started laughing out loud when he said this. It was hilarious.

I got off the subway and was walking to my chiropractor's office 
and saw two girls getting out of a car,

one of them said something about the other one moving.
Her friend replied by saying,
"yeah - I'm - uh - kind of -
a hoarder."

I kept walking, watching a man in front of me walk his dog.
A little white dog that didn't really use it's back legs. 
It would take a step with the front legs
and then hop both of the back legs to catch up.
It was quite a sight.

Overall, it was a most enjoyable journey.
My chiropractor enjoyed the stories too.

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Shannon said...

Oh gosh that's AWESOME!

You put a giant smile on my face!