March 14, 2012

luxe box win

The products I've gotten in my Luxe Boxes have been kind of hit or miss.

There have been a few good ones
but a lot of stuff that just isn't very interesting to me.

Like perfume samples.
I've worn the same perfume for years
and I'm not ready to let go.

So - I don't need 3 samples of Nina Ricci's L'Air du Temps.
Enough with the perfume samples.

But there have been a couple that are great.

Like this:

I've never bought anything by Lise Watier
but this is great mascara.
I can't explain why the brush is yellow
(mine isn't)
but I will say that the brush rocks.
It has very fine bristles
and it doesn't clump at all.
It looks very natural and isn't gloopy.

The only negative?
It's a wretch to get off.
I guess the whole 24 hour thing isn't a joke.
I use makeup remover to, well, remove my makeup
and even that doesn't entirely do the trick.

But honestly?
It's worth it.

It looks like it's about $22 on their website
(which isn't cheap
but it's not as pricey as Lancome, which is what I usually buy.)
This one counts as a Luxe Box win
and may help me forget the oodles of perfume samples (told them I didn't want those)
and colour-safe shampoos (I don't colour my hair)
that they insist upon sending me.

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