March 13, 2012

in the buff

and feel mildly embarassed to say that I've been looking for looks to emulate those fashions. But really - what's to be embarassed about? Aren't we all influenced by trends either consciously or sub-consciously? How much of what we wear/listen to/watch isn't that which has been discovered by someone else? At least I'm honest about it.


I think what I love about the clothes she wears in the movie is that they are:
a) simple
b) versatile

Who doesn't love that?

I came to realize last week that all of my work shoes/dress shoes/fancy shoes are pretty beat up and old so I decided to get with the times (seeing as how I had satified my need to justify shoe buys) and picked up a pair these little beauties:

Steve Madden
Pinelope in Blush

The great thing about these shoes is that they have a built in platform so the heels aren't sky-high and they are way more comfortable and easy to walk in.


They are my attempt at copying this:

I would take a dress like this as well.

I can't wear heels that high.
I'm too tall.
(I would be well over 6 ft in 5 inch heels)

but I think what I found is a pretty good substitute.
And they meet the criteria above.

So I'm one step closer
so to speak.

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