March 30, 2012

dress kimono

Sometimes you just want something new.

Yesterday was that kind of day.

Yesterday, I felt like I'd reached my limit.

I was frustrated
fed up
and overall, completely unsympathetic.

Not only that
but my filter was

I said things
and almost immediately thought
"where did that come from?"
"did I say that out loud?"

So after work
I headed out to MAC.

I used to buy MAC cosmetics all the time
but it's been awhile.

I remembered why I love that store.

The sales people.

One lovely sales girl completely overwhelmed me with explanations and opportunities
new colours and lines coming out next week!
make overs!
Viva Glam!
I couldn't repeat anything she told me because it was all too much
but I loved her -
she had a baby face and a pink mohawk.
How could you not?

Oh and the other sales person called me sweetheart half a dozen times
which made me feel like a young'un.
I loved her.

I wanted a new lip colour.
One thing I love about MAC is their recycling program -
you take in 6 used containers and get a free lipstick, gloss or shadow.
It's a great deal.

I have oodles of old containers so I took some in and got this:


I was also drawn to the new lipgloss:

Sheen Supreme Lip Glass

I don't usually wear lipgloss
but this stuff is divine.
It smells like cake or something wonderfully sugary.
The colour is beautiful
and it makes me feel like a much nicer person.

Which I think I need these days.

Happy Friday!

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Brhea {NoPlaceLykeHome} said...

Might need to take your tip on the lip gloss sounds great!