March 29, 2012

baby art

A friend of mine is having a baby
(actually several of my friends are having babies! It's a boom!)

I decided that rather than buy a onesie or some other adorable clothing
(which is what I usually buy) that they will outgrow in a couple of months
I would go with my other love,
I love Sharon Montrose's photographs of animals
so it was easy to settle on her.
But what animal?

I decided to go with the baby deer
a. it's adorable
b. it's not super "babyish"
(in other words - they could hang it elsewhere in their house).

Her other photos of baby animals are beautiful
and heart wrenchingly cute
but there was something so gentle and peaceful about this photo
that I thought it would be perfect for a nursery.
I'll pick up  a simple white gallery frame for it
and that will be that!

What do you think?

Good choice?

1 comment:

Em said...

adorable and appropriate.
nicely done, k.
nicely done.