February 13, 2012

summer in winter

In anticipation of our upcoming trip south, I picked up these two little beauties:

Please ignore the dress on the right.
It is not part of this story.

You can't even see the details on the dress on the left - which is the one I bought - but I couldn't find any other photos so....

These dresses were a great find.
They were only $39 each (I think. $34 or $39)

Yes - it's the same dress in two fabrics
but it's such a great style and fit

I couldn't resist.

The one on the bottom is navy with red, yellow and white tulips on the skirt.

The top one has butterflies all over it.

They'll be great for the trip
and also great for work this summer because they have little cap sleeves.


Both are from...

are you ready?

Old Navy.

Who'd a thunk it?

( I think both are sold out now, sorry.)

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