February 01, 2012

Shoes of Prey

I realize that posting about something you read on a daily email blast doesn't exactly ooze originality
but some things are too good not to share.

I subscribe to Vitamin Daily.
Sometimes there are great tips and tidbits
sometimes I dismiss the posts entirely

but this one - this one is noteworthy.

Shoes of Prey is a website
that lets you design your own shoes.

Read the testament:

"When Shoes of Prey commenced some of our girlfriends breathed a sigh of relief and wrote ballads in our honour. These were the girls we knew who have large shoe sizes. Finally, shopping for shoes in drag queen stores could cease, jamming feet into too-tight shoes was over and women with large feet could at last commission shoes to be made in their size!"

You sing it, sister!
This is fantastic!

I don't think people appreciate how hard it is to buy shoes when you wear size 11
(or larger for that matter)

Not possible.

Special events?

Shoe store sales people who helpfully suggest that you try a smaller size?
(because, really, isn't that problem solving at it's best?)

Question - How much do the shoes cost?

Funny you should ask.

In the FAQ on their site, the first point is:

How much do the shoes cost?

Our custom made shoes cost $185 for ballet flats;
$240 for 1½ to 3½ inch heels,
$290 for 4 to 4½ inch heels and
$335 for ankle boots:
Not cheap - right?

But for custom made shoes?

Worth every penny.

I just have to start saving my pennies to get something fabulous!

I think this now qualifies as an "If I Had A Million Dollars" post.....

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