February 08, 2012

new reads

Next week we are going on vacation!

Time for some light reading.

I just ordered these:

Game of Thrones box set
(by George RR Martin)
I don't know how light these are going to be. 
Apparently there are a whack of characters 
and it can be difficult to keep them straight 
but I'm up to the challenge.

(this was a really good deal online - $26 at Chapters. In the store it was about $40. 
The books are $9.99 each so...bargain!)

The Wednesday Sisters by
Meg Waite Clayton
(this one was on clearance for $5 so I went for it. )

I've never read either author
but I need something light/new/good.
I've heard really good things about the Martin books
so I thought I'd have a go.

I also considered this:

but I thought I'd stop at 5 books.
Got to have some restraint.
Or so I hear.


Shannon said...

you should get the next two hunger games books...they take, like, 1.5 days to read...and I only had the first one on vacation last year, and i ended up reading wikipedia for the story of the next two, because i couldn't resist not knowing!

i read george rr martin as they came out...these will take longer...but you will become obsessed with his world!

Jane's Next Door said...

Good tips! Hunger Games will be next!

Hailey said...

Loved the whole hunger games series and now the movie is coming out, so read read read!!