February 28, 2012

Friends with Lightning Bolts

I think I mentioned that I watched Friends with Benefits a few weeks ago.

It's a pretty cute movie
but more inspiring is Mila Kunis' wardrobe in said movie.

I think what I love about it is how simple it is.

Exhibit A:

How adorable is she?

Exhibit B:

love those shoes with that dress!

Exhibit C:

love the hair too. sweet.

And finally:

Knowing that I can't suddenly

shrink 8 inches

grow 8 inches of hair

get big brown eyes

lose - oh - a bunch of lbs

I decided to settle on the one thing that always fits.


I loved the lightning bolt necklace she wore throughout the movie.
Since the original can be yours for a cool $820
I went to the next best thing.


There I found this:


It may not make me petite
or a Manhattanite
or catch Justin Timberlake's eye
but I'll feel pretty
and that makes it a win!

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