January 09, 2012

Watercooler Talk

So.... how was your weekend?

Here's what we did!

Headed out to Queen St. East for brunch (my favorite).
Ended up at Ok Ok diner.
Have you ever been there?
It's yummy.
I had a BLAT (Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado and Tomato.) sandwich.
Those are a few of my favorite things so... it was a stellar choice.

After brunch we rummaged through three record shops and came up with solid gold.

Fella bought a turntable in October and I've just recently gotten into buying records.
I'm mostly just buying records I had when I was a teenager which I let go when my Dad sold his house.

Here's some of what we got yesterday:

Frank Goes To Hollywood
(I know what you're thinking. But it was $1.50 and I love it. So there.)

I don't think I actually ever owned this album.
I just taped the songs off the radio 
and watched the videos on
Video Hits.
(Anyone remember Video Hits?)

I've come realize that this is one of my favorite albums.
If I were stuck somewhere?
Desert island or such?
Kate would be by my side.

Psychedelic Furs.
You can't go wrong.
Heaven, HighWire Days, Ghost in You
Choice picks.

Fella found this.
Love Fleetwood Mac. 
Love Tusk.
(Beautiful Child is one of my fave Fleetwood Mac songs.)
I didn't really listen to Fleetwood Mac when I was a teenager. 
But I always loved Stevie Nicks. 

She was the coolest.

Sorry the picture is so small.
I love the Cocteau Twins.

I listened to them a lot one summer I was dating I guy I really shouldn't have been dating.
And doing things I really shouldn't have been doing.
Nuf said.

Depeche Mode
Black Celebration
I was sixteen when I fell in love with this album.
That same year I fell in love for the first time.

That was a very good year.

Oh yes. 
Duran Duran
Save a Prayer.
Slow songs are always my favorite.

We actually got more than that.
Crazy right?
We found one shop that was selling everything
50% off.
(That's why Frankie Goes to Hollywood was only $1.50)

We were exhausted by the end of the afternoon.
Flipping through records for hours when I was 17 was no big deal
but now I'm old and frankly, I was kind of cross-eyed by the time we left the last store.
Also, my hands needed a really good wash.
(It's dirty work, reclaiming your past.)

Other weekend activities included watching this:

I loved it.
I love Mila Kunis.
She's my girl crush.
Justin Timberlake doesn't do anything for me in the looks department
(I think it's that brillo hairdo)
but he was good in this movie.
Cute and funny and likable!
I also drank a good part of a bottle of chianti while I was watching it
so overall, an enjoyable evening.

On Sunday,
the tree finally came down.
I know.
It was January 8th.
It was past due.
But I loved our tree this year.
It made me happy.

Now it's in the driveway, 
waiting to be crammed in the chipper.

Here it is, in it's glory days.


The lights are still up outside.
The wreath is also still on the door,
shining it's battery powered lights.
(I'm leaving it on until the batteries die, rather than toss them in a drawer and try to use them in something else, only to have them die mid-use.)

So that was my weekend!

I hope yours was as fun as mine!

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