January 18, 2012

Updates: Kennebunk-port + Klorane Dry Shampoo

I thought I'd follow up with some updates on the new products that I've tried this month.

First up:

 Kennebunk-port nail polish

This photo is not a good representation of the colour.
It looks kind of light above
but the truth is
it's SO much better!

I love this colour.
I'm no nail esthestetician
and I did a crap job of applying it
but the colour is exactly what I wanted
(how often does that happen?)

I was inspired by this photo:

and I got my wish.
I don't think it's quite that dark but it's a beautiful shade.
Now I just have to teach my right hand to apply the polish the way my left hand does.

On it.

Next on the docket:

I'm one of those people who feels like they've never really had control over their hair.
My hair is fine.
It's kind of wavy (often resulting in pouf)
and there's a lot of it.

So, there are several things to contend with here.
It takes me awhile to figure out new products.
Placement and Quantity are the two biggest variables.

So let's just say that while my nails may look a little messy,
the Klorane made me look....unkempt and prematurely grey.

I'm not giving up
but I can confidently say that my hair felt less clean than it did before I sprayed this stuff all over it.
Oh and it's messy.
I found powdery residue on my robe, my floor, my hands.
It was everywhere.

Like I said, I'll try it again
and hope for the best.
Some of you have said it's a great product and that I'll love it!
So I'm holding out for love.

I'll keep you posted!


Michelle @ AM Dolce Vita said...

I think I had the same experience with Klorane when I first tried it, then I watched a video from Youtube with some tricks on how to use it more effectively. I typically leave it on for 20 seconds until almost dry, then rub the residual into my hair and scalp until all the powder disappeared. Hope it works out for you.

Jane's Next Door said...

Thanks for the tip! The last time I tried it it looked like I'd sprayed paint in my hair - or liquid paper! Maybe I'll look up that video....