January 17, 2012

Tim Hugeton's

This is kind of scary.
I stopped for a coffee at Tim Horton's this morning
and saw these cards littering the counter.

There's a new size cup in town.
It should be called GIGANTIC
but instead they're changing all of the other size names to make it seem less... gluttonous?

The extra large is 24 oz.
That's three cups.
Three cups!

Portion sizes are wildly out of control in this country
and I find this disturbing.
Why do people need to consume in this kind of volume?
It's one thing when someone eats too many sweets at Christmas or eats the large popcorn at the movie theatre
but people drink coffee from Tim Horton's every day
and the people who drink extra large already
are now just going to drink that much more.

And to think that cream and sugar get added.

When did quantities like this become acceptable?
Did no one learn anything from Super Size Me?

Is it just me
or is this a bad, bad thing?
I'm not trying to get on a platform here,
but something isn't right.

You can read the full story here:
Tim's size shift enables greater consumption with clear conscience: Experts

1 comment:

Michelle @ AM Dolce Vita said...

When I heard it on the news the other day, I couldn't help but wondering if this is Tim's way of grabbing more $$$ from consumers. The cost to super size their coffee is marginal, yet the return from charging more is substantial. I don't like this and guess I will just stick to the now extra small.