January 05, 2012


One thing I've really been wanting is a proper dining room table.
Initially I thought we'd get something new
but over the past year I've come to realize that I wanted something old.

So we started keeping our eyes open at auctions.
We bid on a few
but had no success.

We also came to realize that our dining room is kind of small
and a lot of the ones we'd seen (and perhaps even bid on) were not the right size for the room.

I have a friend who loves all things house. She tried to tell me the correct dimensions that we needed for our table.
"you need two feet clearance on each side of the table so that means
 you need to get a table thats...blah blah blah....zzzz."
That sounds terrible, I know but I kind of stopped listening.
I don't buy things like that.
I don't think "will it fit in the room?"
I think -
 "will my legs fit under that old table?"
(I'm tall.)

There will be a day that I buy something that won't fit in the door because I have had no common sense but I'll cross that threshold when I get to it.

We went to an auction on Boxing Day and found this!

Table and 6 (very ugly) chairs.
The chairs don't look so bad from this angle
but trust me,
they are ug-ly.

They have fabric on the seats that oh, yes, can be swapped out (and will!)
but will that transform the ugly?
I'm not so sure....

Anyway - it was a bargain
the table was $150
and the ugly chairs?
$10 each.
There are 6.
The table has two leaves that extend from the ends so it will sit 6-8 people.

It isn't as old as we thought we'd get (I'd pictured a barn board table)
but for now, it does the trick.
And it wasn't a huge investment so if we ever find something we like more
this one can go on Kijiji!

I love auctions!

(P.S. You can't see it too well in the photo but we also bought the green press backed chair in the corner for $5.)

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