January 11, 2012

Pink or Pale?

I found some more nail polish colours that I want to try.

Mod Squad

(Should one wear pink nail polish in the winter? It seems too....optimistic for January...)


Often these pale colours are kind of disastrous on me but this one has a bit more depth to it than the one I used to buy.

I'm resisting buying too many colours until I get into the swing of painting them regularly.
I've lost count of the number of bottles of nail polish I've thrown out after using them a handful of times (ha! Punny!)
and having them separate.

I have yet to try the red one
but it's coming up.

P.S. If you're local, I've just discovered that Toronto Beauty and Barber Supply at Bay and Yonge sells Essie nail polish for $6.95 which is substantially less then Trade Secrets or Shopper's Drug Mart.
Save some pennies!

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