January 02, 2012

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

I finally finished The Night Circus!

I enjoyed it a lot but it took me longer than usual because it was too heavy to carry on the subway. 
I thought I'd read more while I was on vacation 
but in the end, it was just this one that I got around to.

I quite enjoyed the story but did find it a bit slow in parts.
Her descriptions of the circus are beautiful.
They make you hope that the circus will appear in your town one magical evening
and if you're ok with a bit of fanciful magic, then you'll find it easy to get swept up in the story.

I'd suggest that you don't take as long to get through it as I did because 
the story can lose it's momentum a bit if you tend to fall asleep after reading for 10 minutes as I did
(no fault of the story. Just my busy life and late turning in time)

I look forward to reading her next book!

Thumbs up for this one!

(P.S. I picked my copy up at BMV books for $8.99 which was a great deal considering it's the hardcover version. Love that bookstore.)

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