January 20, 2012

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

I was killing time in Indigo last night which is always a dangerous venture for me.
 I always want to buy at least three or four books -
I graze the new release tables and think

I can't wait for it to come out in soft cover!
I must have it now!
I have to know what happens!

I have to say - I sometimes get buyer's remorse from these purchases because they are total impulse buys and they often don't live up to my excitement and expectations.

I can usually force myself to resist and stick to my budget, put the books back, and write the titles down in my planner to remember for later.

I did however, give in to one temptation.
This bit of weirdness that I couldn't resist.

Have you seen this?

Spooky cover, right?
Well spooky inside too!
It's a novel with all these crazy photographs inside of circus - like children.
Totally eerie.
When I googled it this morning to find a picture to post,
I found a trailer for the book on YouTube and I just had to include it.

Just what a horror-movie-loving girl like me needs in January!
I started it this morning on the subway and I'm hooked.

I also saw in my brief googling that there a lots of rumours of a movie being made.
That whole thing can be hit or miss
but so far I'm loving the story.

But it's nice to get chills from something other than sub-zero temperatures.

Happy Friday!

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