January 02, 2012

In with the new goal #2 - eats

As promised, I'm sharing my goals for 2012. I've already told you about beauty nights. (Which I think is in order for tonight. I go back to work on Wednesday so if I feel pretty doing that, then going back to work won't be so painful.)

So onto goal #2.

Out with the old:
I love food. I love to try new restaurants. I wouldn't say I'm a particularly adventurous eater (I have issues with meat of various varieties)
Brunch is my favorite meal. In fact, I would be content to eat toast for almost every any meal.
Rye toast, in particular. It doesn't even need toppings - just a bit of butter on the crispy surface does just fine.
But a girl (and her expanding thighs) can not and should not live on toast alone.
Time to end the toast-a-thon.
(I don't actually eat toast for every meal, I just would if I had no self-control whatsoever.)

In with the new:
I tend to get into cooking ruts. I fall back to the same old recipes week after week, or worse, start relying on my friends at Pizza Pizza to feed fella and I .
There are no good excuses for this.
I'm a pretty good cook.
He'll eat mostly anything I make.
I like to try new things.
I'm just kind of....lazy.

So here's the dealio - I'm going to try to come up with one new recipe every month.
That doesn't sound like a lot, does it?
That's the idea.
If it's not too hard, then I should be able to do it, right?

I'm usually pretty good at planning meals and buying the groceries ahead of time for said meals, but I still get sick of making the same things or relying on the old-faithfuls.

So - one a month.

There is one little thing - I'd like it to be healthy. (But don't tell fella that.) I'd like to see us eating more greens and less starch. I read an article the other day that said you should try to eat salad every day. That's hard to imagine in January, but I'm going to try. That way I can still have a sandwich for lunch but I'll have eaten a salad with it. Or at least a bunch of vegetables. And aren't there vegetables in sushi?

(We'll still go for brunch, by the way. I just think it will be better if I eat brunch after a week of healthy eating with lots of vegetable. Makes up for the bacon.)

And if I'm really good with the recipes, I'll even share with you what I make!

Goal number 3 coming up!

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