January 26, 2012

Tea Anyone?

Blogger was being a wretch yesterday so I couldn't upload my teacup photos.

We went to the St. Lawrence Market Antique Market on Sunday
and I picked up a couple of little things.

I'm not really into teacups - at least I didn't think I was but I keep seeing ones that I just have to own.

like this one!

I don't even really like green
but those stars did me in.

So cute.

I also picked up this.

It's a ceramic ball with M's all over it.

I don't know what it is/was for
but the woman who owned the table and I had a good laugh when I told her that at first I thought it was from a bingo set.

Until I realised that the letter M isn't in the word

Hilarity ensured.

It was frightening how funny it was at the time.

So there you have it.

An M ball and a teacup.

Fella doesn't think the M ball is even old. He thinks it's just some tchotchke.
but that's ok.

I like it.

$5 each.


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