December 31, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about New Year's resolutions
Why we feel compelled to make them
Why the urge for change
and the recurring hope that we can make a complete overhaul of our lives, ourselves.

But I too have been feeling the urge for change.
I think it's because I've had some time off
to rest and recharge
and clear some of the cobwebs that had gathered over December
and here I am - full of get up and go
and ready to go.

The new year is a perfect chance for a fresh start
a do-over of sorts.
But how do you make the promises stick?
(the idea, after all, is to feel better, not worse. And failure stings - big time.)

I read something on Vitamin Daily this week that I liked - they'd asked their editors to write about new year's traditions or superstitions and one said that every new year's eve, just before midnight, her grandfather would open the door "to let out the old year" and then, at midnight, he'd open it again "to let in the new".

So that's my resolution this year. Out with the old so I can l make room for the new.

What does that mean exactly? Well, here what I've figured out.

I don't want to set myself up for failure so I'm trying to stick with things that I know make me
feel good.

It will go like this:

Out with the old:

We don't have cable, which means I don't watch tv. But that's not exactly true. I download heaps of stuff and I spend my evenings watching the same amount of that as I would if I were watching HGTV (which was my addiction when we did have cable.) It may be better quality viewing, but it's still tv. Time to get the booty off the couch.

So what will I do with myself?

Well, that's where the new comes in.

In with the new:

You may have read my post about painting my nails.  Sadly, it's something that I don't make time for. It's not that I don't have time, it's that I choose to do other things (See above).
So I've decided to have my own personal beauty nights.

Paint my nails, do a facial, take a bath, light some candles.

I never make the time to do these things. But as I discovered with painting my nails, it makes me feel better. Doing something makes me feel better.

So that's number one and I've got a few more. Check back over the coming days to see what else I've come up with!

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Shannon said...

beauty nights? Brilliant!

stick with things that make you feel good? you may be the smartest person I know!