November 18, 2011

Slam by Nick Hornby

It seems like every time I read a Nick Hornby book I have the same response:

This is my favorite Nick Hornby book!

It's so funny!

It made me laugh out loud on the subway!

It's so funny!

Well you know what?
It is funny.
 I read it in a couple of days.
And it made me want to meet Nick Hornby and have a beer with him (again.)
 I'd love to hear him read from this book. (or my other favorites.)
 But he might be a prat and I'd be disappointed
(I'm always afraid of that - Jeffrey Eugenides was great. John Irving was bizarre.)

It's highly doubtful that he'll be reading from this little number any time soon considering it was published in 2007.

How did I miss it?

Get it.

It's good for a chortle.

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Emma at The Marion House Book said...

I missed it too..although I 've read most of his other books. Will have to look out for this one.